Monday, March 9, 2009

Just some photos

I thought that I'd add a few more photos that I've been taking for my P365. I'm a little behind though on the actual LOs (almost done January), so these will have to do for now =)

I had to take my car in for some body work, and the cmpany gave me a stuffed dog that said "We take the wrinkles out". It was cute, but my real dog felt a little threatened by it at first =P

A picture of some really heavy snow that started to fall after our big melt. Very pretty, but not so nice to drive in.

Josh, myself and Brodie went for a walk down into the valley. It's so peaceful down there, you can't even tell that you're in the middle of a city with more than a million people!

I just loved this picture of Brodie - I caught this as he was coming inside, and his ears are too adorable!

I always get to class super early, and I'm usually the only person in the computer lab for at least an hour, so it was a perfect opportunity to grab a picture!

Aww!! Every time I leave, Brodie looks out the window with his adorable little puppy eyes. He stays there until we drive away (and he's there when he get home. Aww...)

Just a picture showing how early I go to class =P


senovia said...

Hi! I followed you over here from 2Peas. I like your blog. Your layouts are very nice. Have a great day!

*Monica* said...

Awesome pics! Your dog is sooo cute!