Monday, April 27, 2009

My first crop

So, I participated in my first online crop. Although I only completed 2 pages, I'm very happy with that. I find that I'm just not scrapping as much as I used to (when I first started) and that I'm never comepletely satisfied with what I do. But, we're our own worst critic!

This first one is of our vacation house just outside of Siena, Italy. It was the most relaxing part of our trek across Europe because we could just come home, cook our own dinner, and have a glass of wine. We didn't have to worry about packing, transportation, or finding somewhere to stay the next night. It was great!

It's a horrible picture, but if you *strain* your eyes, you can see "Our Little Italian" in white on the house chipboard pieace (above the "home")

This is one of my favorite pictures of our time in Venice. This is Josh and I sitting outside of the apartment we rented in the middle of Venice. That city is abosultely amazing (minus the smell), and I definitely hope that we can go there again.

For the stitching on the heart, I used a Bazzil Basics stencil. I love how it turned out (even though I messed up on the year!).

Aren't these buttoms by MM super cute? I also used a sewing pin that I bought at WalMart, you know, to add a little somethin' somethin'

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Brodie had his hair cut!

We usually shave him ourselves, but it's been so cold lately, that I decided to take him in. He also needed his nails cut, and I get too nervous to do that, so in he went. He looks like he lost 10 pounds (and a couple years younger - who could tell that he's over 8 years old!). I thought I'd share, because I'm such a proud momma



Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Organizing my *new* scrapbook room

Yay! I finally have my new scrapbook room, and so far I love it. I only have the Jetmax cubes set up so far (and I didn't realize that I have so much stuff, and I need more!), but hopefully I'll have a nice desk to put up there and do some minor decor things. But, it's off to a great start.

Here's a picture of all 8 put together. I don't really like the clip-it-up there, but for now it'll do

A close-up of one of my cubes. I have way more jars of flowers, but no room to put them out.

Another cube close-up. This is where I store my notebooks and smaller albums, as well as my monthly kits (what I have left).

My butterfly collage that I made (and still love). I should do another one..

A close-up of my clip-it-up. I do love it, it definitely makes things easy to find, but I don't like the cluttered look of it.

Where I store my punches - I think I may need some more ;)

My new way to store ribbon. I've used cropper hopper, then moved to glass jars, and then to this. I love this method!

Storage for my tags and journaling spots. I haven't received my order of tags from PeachyCheap yet, so it will definitely be way more full soon - woo hoo!

I have sooo many mini-albums, which you'll see. In this drawer I store the ones I have covered, but haven't put together yet.

Here I keep all of my little chipboard pieces. Gotta love those cute lil' Maya Road trees.

More mini-albums. These ones are just sittin' there nekkid, waiting to be done up =)

And finally, all of the little $1.50 mini-albums from Micheals. I didn't realize that I have so many.

I didn't take a picture of everything, but there are many more drawers of goodies (which is making me giddy). I so wanna get in there and play around.

Sunday, April 5, 2009