Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Organizing my *new* scrapbook room

Yay! I finally have my new scrapbook room, and so far I love it. I only have the Jetmax cubes set up so far (and I didn't realize that I have so much stuff, and I need more!), but hopefully I'll have a nice desk to put up there and do some minor decor things. But, it's off to a great start.

Here's a picture of all 8 put together. I don't really like the clip-it-up there, but for now it'll do

A close-up of one of my cubes. I have way more jars of flowers, but no room to put them out.

Another cube close-up. This is where I store my notebooks and smaller albums, as well as my monthly kits (what I have left).

My butterfly collage that I made (and still love). I should do another one..

A close-up of my clip-it-up. I do love it, it definitely makes things easy to find, but I don't like the cluttered look of it.

Where I store my punches - I think I may need some more ;)

My new way to store ribbon. I've used cropper hopper, then moved to glass jars, and then to this. I love this method!

Storage for my tags and journaling spots. I haven't received my order of tags from PeachyCheap yet, so it will definitely be way more full soon - woo hoo!

I have sooo many mini-albums, which you'll see. In this drawer I store the ones I have covered, but haven't put together yet.

Here I keep all of my little chipboard pieces. Gotta love those cute lil' Maya Road trees.

More mini-albums. These ones are just sittin' there nekkid, waiting to be done up =)

And finally, all of the little $1.50 mini-albums from Micheals. I didn't realize that I have so many.

I didn't take a picture of everything, but there are many more drawers of goodies (which is making me giddy). I so wanna get in there and play around.


emily said...

Awesome, sounds like your going to have a lot of fun in your new scrapbooking room! =)

Katie said...

Fantastic space! You really got a lot into a small space. And I'm drooling over all the supplies you have!

CoveredInCrafts said...

I love my white cubes too. They are so handy! Great space.

debevans said...

WISH I had a scrapbook room...I can't ever find what I'm looking for in my scrapbook closet!