Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Butterfly Frame

I purchased a sheet of 12x12 die cute butterflies (they're absolutely gorgeous), and immediately I knew what I wanted to use them for. I love the little butterfly collage that I made (using the MS stamp), but it was quite small. This one definitely trumps my previous one in size, that's for sure!

I'm not too sure where I'll hand it yet. I think it'd be great for a little girls room, but alas, I'm not even married, so that may be put on the back burner =P . Into my craft room it goes!

Supplies: Amy Butler's "Lotus Tea Box"
Frame from Michaels


*Monica* said...

That is so pretty, Brittney! I want to make something like that for my scrap space. So did you actually punch or cut the butterflies or is that how the paper is?

Laura said...

That is gorgeous! Wish I had a scrap room to put something like that in. :)