Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Josh's Christmas Party

I spent this weekend with my boyfriend Josh at his 2-day Christmas party at the Banff Springs Hotel. Can you say gorgeous?! I've never been inside before, but have seen the castle hidden in the moutains every time I drive by, and have secretly longed to stay a night. Finally, my wish has come true! And, next year (as every year) their Christmas party will be held there again, in the same grand room (Mount Stephan Hall).

What intrigued me the most though about this amazing hotel, was all of the ghost stories that surrounded it. For example, the burning bride and room 873. We had the chance to check out where 873 used to be, but was covered up due to a horrific murder-suicide. It's completely evident that there used to be a room there (There's a spotlight over every door, and at this point, just a random spotlight, as well as the walls are made of concrete, but at this point it's hollow. The wallpaper is also a different shade where the door has been covered, and not to mention the number "873" is gone - it just jumps from 871 to 875). Pretty neat stuff, but a little bumbed that we weren't "spooked" by anything.

Anyways, below are a couple pictures of the night - none of the room though, which I completely regret.

Just Josh and I infront of the gigantic (and beautiful) Christmas tree

The amazing gingerbread house they made of (half of) the hotel

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