Friday, January 2, 2009

Project 365

No, I wasn't one of the lucky people who were able to order this kit, which is a total bummer! I tried, and called the number provided (which, btw, is NOT toll free for international customers, so not only did I not get a kit, I paid an hours worth of LD charges *grrr*). I've been reading on Becky's blog that hopefully they'll be able to order more, but it looks like a lot of people who were able to get through yesterday, their orders were lost (who actually knows what went on behind the scenes). So, it may be just as hard to get a kit if they *do* go back on sale. Urgh, so frustrating.

But, there's *some* hope. Click the link to be entered to win your own project!
Click here

Now, with that being said, I will be blogging about my 365 project. I will post some pictures and my corresponding journaling on random days. I'd also like to hear what everyone is taking pictures of on any "regular" day, so don't be shy!

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